Question time!

I circulated a questionnare around uni a few weeks ago to get the general idea of fabric ideas, fastening, price etc.

I came to the conclusion (bearing in mind that only students so far have filled these out) that:

the average they would spend on a jacket is somewhere between £50 and £90

The quality of the fabric is very important (on a scale of 1-5- 5 being most important and 1 being least, the majority answered 4s and 5s)

All of the men who answered the questionnaire would be willing to experiment with their style of jacket.

The majority didn't want their outerwear to be of the same style as their trousers.

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being most important, 1 being least) the majority answered 3s when asked how significant the pattern of the lining was to them.

The majority favoured a button up fastening on a jacket.

Details in garments as well as the fit and comfort of the clothing seem to be particularly essential.

The most popular fabric for a jacket out of: Tweed, Wool, Cotton suiting, Linen, leather
was Tweed with cotton and wool being close seconds.

And the most name mentioned most when asked who their style icon was, was: Steve McQueen and James Dean. Some of my favourites from their answers were Cary Grant, Buddy Holly, and Ewan McGreggor.

This brings me to the end of my questionnaire

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