Final Illustrations

For my final illustrations I used the Wind in The Willows characters from the story but drew them wearing my clothes. I drew the little animals first then on photoshop I added colour.
To show my garments clearly, I will print them off and lay my flat drawings next to them for when I hand in on monday.

Line up! Line up!

This is not my photo shoot.
This is to document my line-up and show the fit on the body. It is also to hand in to be considered for the gala show so I thought I would show it at every angle.
I am planning a photoshoot and am presently researching style of shoot/lighting/set/props/styling etc for hopefully next thursday the 27th. Ideally I would like to have my photoshoot done and edited to go in my portfolio in time for Graduate Fashion Week.

It's Business Time

Business cards have arrived...and what a nice box.
Unfortunately the image of my logo is slightly pixalated, so I will work on that and get some new ones. But for now, this is them.

Mock Interview

I had my mock interview on tuesday which I thought was gonna be very scary but it seemed to go quite well!
I had it with a lady who worked for 'Animal' and Hilton Green, visiting tutor. I went with my portfolio, CV, business card and job description.
I wasnt sure whether to pick an aspirational job or a realistic one, but I found a fitting one that I would be really interested in on Drapers Records as a 'casual menswear shirt and trouser designer'. Sounded pretty good. Unfortunately as Drapers act as the agent for the job, I wasn't able to see which brand this job was for otherwise I would have done more research into the company.
I got a bit of feedback on my portfolio also and I need to develop it intime for the portfolio hand in on the 25th may. I need to brighten it up with fabric swatches and more details of my garments. However, showing an unfinished portfolio for the mock interview wasn't very professional but at least I know I still have another week to work on it..shame the interviews weren't after this deadline though!