Stitch Menswear and accessories trade show

On Monday i took a trip to the Stitch menswear and accessories trade show at the Old Bilingsgate market. I was very inspired by some of the stuff there especially Social Suicide, D.D.Dundee and Woods and Woods man.
Here are some photos from my day:

From Social Suicide:

I love the idea of using a netted T shirt as a blank canvas to stitch on, this is so effective.

Lovely knitted lapel

Quilting to look like an upholstered chair.


Some really beautiful mixtures of fabrics here and a good faux- fur collar!!




lovely knitted capes

Cut off casual trousers

Never Ever
J.W. Anderson

Saint Paul:

Carloyn Massey:

Martine Rose:

applique sections on the front of shirt to frame it into an art piece.

contrasting fabrics and colours to create a unique look. i love the collar in the picture above, not so sure about the square below though!

Woods and Woods man:

Contrasting with leather fabrics on the lower jacket, this is a really nice mix of materials

I love the double lapel affect


beautiful ties and cravats in matching patterns to the shirts. Would look cool either matched to the same print or mixed up.

Nicholas Deakins:

A very nice man explained to me on the stall that they started off just designing shoes, and i think this is where thier forte lies. Some really nice manly shoes. They have then designed clothes around the market who shop for their shoes. He says they are planning to grow in style within the clothing designs.

The union jack flag popped up a few times on various stalls.....seems like this look is coming back again!


Since hearing that we were going to have a millinery workshop within my course, i was very keen to join.
It took until now, but at least it happened!
I thought a pork pie hat could look like a great accessory to accompany my collection so wanted to take part in the workshop to see what it was all about.
It was hard work on the arms, and unfortunately not that great choices of fabric, but after a lot of determination i completed the makings of my hat!

As you can see, within the rim of the "pork pie" bit, it has dimpled from the pressure of the pins i had to use sticking in. With alternative fabrics this hopefully wouldn't happen.

I still need to put the trimming round the base of the hat and the rim for the finishing touches.

Even a little bit of blood went into the makings of this hat as you can see below!


Since doscovering my new theme, i have started to work on some drawings to give myself a feel for the military and utility wear. I am mostly interested in the details that have gone into the making of this style of clothing and will further my research into this..