Bournemouth Show

Last night, the O2 Academy in Boscombe saw our final end of year show.
Getting everything in order and backstage was a bit manic, but I tried to get everything in order as much as I could, and then I handed over to my dresser, hoping that I hadn't forgotten to tell him anything vital!
At 1.30 i watched the Gala show dress rehearsal that was performed to a school who had come to watch as part of a higher education day, where all the designers were able to spot any mistakes on the models!
At our exhibition stand (which was transported from GFW) all our portfolios and business cards were all displayed and I had quite a long chat with Terry Mansfield, president and chief executive of The National Magazine Company; director of Hearst Corporation, which was an honour.
I then had my fitting with the models, which was just as well as I had to make a few changes to who wore what and what order they came out in.
The day went really quickly and it wasn't long before it came round to 5pm when I had my show! I was really pleased to be sat with my friends on the front row and I was so relieved that it all went smoothly.

The Gala show was after, at 7.30 where I watched from the balcony with a glass of wine cheering my friends along! Then straight after that the awards were given out. I was extremely happy for my friend Robyn who won the award for innovation and she made a really good impromptu speech!
The private view took place after that and then it was time to go home!
Overall I was really pleased with how the show went, and it brings me even closer to graduating which is very exiciting!

The next two things coming up in my calender are the Bournemouth exhibition, and results day...


What a week.
Graduate Fashion Week was awesome. AUCB did so well walking away with 3 awards all so deserved!
Watching the shows, seeing old friends, spotting celebs, watching Tinnie Tempah perform! a fun filled week....not forgetting seeing Mischa bloody Barton at Hoxton Square bar and kitchen on tuesday night!!!
At home at the moment so no camera lead but going back to bournemouth tomorrow as i have a LOT of pictures to update.

Final Illustrations

For my final illustrations I used the Wind in The Willows characters from the story but drew them wearing my clothes. I drew the little animals first then on photoshop I added colour.
To show my garments clearly, I will print them off and lay my flat drawings next to them for when I hand in on monday.

Line up! Line up!

This is not my photo shoot.
This is to document my line-up and show the fit on the body. It is also to hand in to be considered for the gala show so I thought I would show it at every angle.
I am planning a photoshoot and am presently researching style of shoot/lighting/set/props/styling etc for hopefully next thursday the 27th. Ideally I would like to have my photoshoot done and edited to go in my portfolio in time for Graduate Fashion Week.