I am always on the lookout for interesting clippings from the newspaper supplements and the fashion magazines that come with newspapers. They are always a good read and a very good place to look for menswear articles and fashion.

An article that caught my eye recently from 'The Times Magazine' (October 17 2009) that inspired me to put a different haristyle/moustache on all my designs!
The article is all about moustaches featuring all different shapes and sizes.

"In Novemeber, when the men's health initiative Movember ( encourages men to grow moustaches in aid of the Prostate Cancer charity"

I think this is a great cause and for all those men who secretly wanted to grow a moustache but don't have the guts, it's a pefect opputunity!

"The moustache is a way for men to beat their chests and bellow a declaration of masculinity. Pathetic, really, but at least it's an explanation".

Another article from the same 'The Times magazine' was an article celebrating the mens magazine "Fantastic Man". It is hard to find a decent men's magazine with interesting articles and good fashion for real men but I count this magazine as a really good read along with 'Esquire', another one of my favourites.

On October 11, Matt Rudd wrote an article for the Sunday Times re-livong his week of wearing catwalk clothes in the real world, when he's normally a dedicated follower of Marks andSpencer. He wanted to see the reaction from people on the streets when he wore garments such as "a strange green leather coat with a fur neck, some woollen tights and a cardigan" courtesy of Alexander McQueen.

He came to the conclusion that he almost found it a shame that men have to dress so conformist when women can go around in any number of styles and nobody bats an eyelid to them.

Though he wasn't comfortable in what he was wearing because of the negative response from everyone "I walked past the first pub to what can only be described as heckling, and the second to a chorus of 'W***er'" and "Bloody hell, mate, look at the state of you" I think the streets are not quite ready for every-day wearing catwalk clothes!

Whilst rumaging through my envelopes of clippings, I came across another one about second hand and vintage clothing, and jumble sales. I read to the end of the page, then noticed to my shock that Rumble in The Jumble had a mention! (Bottom right hand corner)
This is an event held once a month at Sixty Million Postcards where me and the 'Dressing Room' Ladies have had our own stall there selling old bric a brac, vintage clothing and a tombola.

Look closely! Under the Bournemouth section...

Here are some photos from the event where I had my own stall with a couple of my friends.

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