I went to a carboot sale this morning and came away with this beautiful sewing machine for £12!
It is a Winselmann Titan court-maker edition and even came with extra feet, bobbins and bits and bobs in the little side compartment.

Now i just need to figure out how to use it...


Picking up my fly placket from the floor i found it had a little heart shaped surprise on it!
I had to capture it in a picture as it made me smile during the process of sewing together my trousers..


Thinking of ways to style my collection for a photoshoot my friend is doing..

polka dot scarves, glasses, hats, bowties, pocket chains...


My friend Hayley used the toile cape I made for a photoshoot she styled, here is the outcome:

Final Garments


Post Collar..

Got a little letter in the post yesterday from my mum with a cut-out from a magazine which reminded her of me. Thanks mum!

Very fitting to my project..


Have been trying to get into twitter while I've been home. I have found it highly addictive. Here's hoping the internet will be sorted when we get back to our scummy student house in bournemouth!

Twitter name: leighsaustin

Tweed Run 2010

I am very much looking forward to Saturday 10th April where me and some friends shal be following round some very dashing men in all their tweed glory with our cameras!
Just aswell i brought home my tweed trousers so I shal fit in a treat.
I am especially looking forward to stopping off for tea in Kensington Gardens!
Here are some pics courtesy of the website of the past events:

Finale Designe ( in colour! )

right so something went wrong in the scanning process. The colours have gone funny. FYI i am not making an orange suit (5th outfit down) it will be in CAMEL. and I don't know why the backgrounds came out blue.

Oh well.

Will all be back to normal when I get back to Bournemouth and sort it out.
Going fabric shopping tomorrow, i can't wait to get it all sorted out and buy everything i need. Must remember buttons and threads this time.
I will then only have 2 complete days to cut out ALL my pattern pieces before getting back to the studio.

Is 'diarise' a word?

Some important dates for my diary..

10am Monday 12th April - deadline for first completed and fully styled outfit.

Tues 13th April - Gail and Hilton Green going through portfolios

Thurs 15th and Fri 16th April - Hilton Green and Alex Brownless (Artsthread) working on Artsthread presentation. Kelly Allen available to help with portfolio selection.
Tues 20th April - Fri 23rd April - pre-selection group crits for GFW - have minimum of 4 fully styled completed outfits

Mon 26th April - professional photographer in to photograph most completed collections for GFW stands.

28th April - British Fashion Councils Graduate preview day

Thurs 29th April - GFW FINAL SELECTIONS with Lesley Goring and Anthony Bednall.
Kelly Allen available to help with portfolio selections.

Tick tock...

So the toiles are well on the way..and though not completely finished I thought I would get on with making in my real fabric to try and give myself a bit of a kick up the arse as time is getting the better of me.

Unfortunately, through a massive mistake on my behalf (I forgot in my rushing around like a headless chicken state, to buy buttons), I did not get a completed outfit finished in-time to have it entered to see if it could go forward into a competition to get it photographed by Rankin...better luck next time.


the deadline has been postponed so i now have until 10 am on monday the 12th april to get my first completed outfit with a fully styled model. This would have been ideal had I not left the beginnings of the outfit in the studio over the easter break whilst I am back home...great.