Sherlock Holmes

I recently went to see the Sherlock Holmes film, and i was amazed with the costume throughout the film. It captured the look of the smart, classic, almost dramatic male and rather than following the story line, I was just waiting for the next outfit change!
From the fabric used, to the details and layering that went into their look was exquisite.

Tutorial with Josh

I had my second tutorial today, and after the first one where i left still feeling a bit lost, i feel like i have turned a corner and i feel inspired!

I always knew since MPP that i wanted to make capes, i just had to figure out a theme and a solid reason as to how i get to the designing point; a reason behind my research. I do tend to work backwards!

After drawing the pictures from Wind in the Willows, which i didn't want to over-do, as my aim was to use this as a tool of inspiration, not to base my project on, i had to think of something to encorporate it with.

I like the traditional classic British style of menswear with soft tailoring and heavy weight A/W fabrics. I just needed to put my unique twist on it and to make me more contemporary.
After explaining my concept vaguely of what i wanted to Josh (one of my tutors) we came to the conclusion of mixing it up with military/utility wear taking aspects of the many details involved in the making up of these garments.

I also like the idea of detachable clothing and hidden aspects to garments.
More to come when i have looked more into my new books from the library on army uniforms and such...

Paul Smith does capes!

It seems capes are gonna be big.
And i want to get in on the act!
Here are some pictures from Paul Smith AW10, seems he likes capes and bearded men too..

Some other items from behind the scenes that grabbed my attention taken from

Shop Windows

Still looking for inspiration in London and wanting to make the most of my weekend away from Bournemouth, after Dover Street Market I went down Burlington Arcade taking photos of some of the shop windows and then onto Regents Street untill we came to Carnaby Street where it was safe to finally shop and the price tags were withing my limit!
Here are some of the shop windows:


St Petersburgh Collection:




Dover Street Market

On Saturday i went to Dover Street Market to have a look round. The layout was really nice and spacious and it was lovely to stroll around amongst all the beautiful designer clothes.

This Lanvin mens display was my favourite part. I love the models with their moustaches and hessian heads! Even though their bodys are only 2D the clothes still seem to fit and look great.

Fabric Swatches

After seeing Carlo I went to get some fabric inspiration.
I went to the Cloth House and MacCulloch & Wallis LTD who were happy to give me some free fabric swatches of my choice.