Following my live feedback from Emelyn Brown at Stitch Menswear, and from Glen Kitson, a graduate from AUCB, I have looked at the following designers:

Daniel Allesandrini

FOLK. Menswear

Oliver Spencer

and blogs such as:

which have all been a great help so big thank you's to them!

I especially liked this recent blog ( November 23rd 2009) from secretforts blog which features Oliver Spencer's lookbook, which coincidently was one of the designers that Emelyn had told me to look at.
I love menswear accessories and think they are really what brings an outfit together. A simple accessory like a cravat can totally re-invent an otherwise boring outfit.

and this from November 4 2009 from mistercrew blog. I like this because of the lovely gilet the man is wearing. It is really similar to one the Bret wears from Flight of the Conchords except the colours are opposite (bret is on the left of the picture below). He has lots of lovely jumpers and shirts too.
This picture has a really good use of colour. The contrasting colours in the gilet are so similar to the contrasting colours of the horse which makes the horse really involved in this shoot.

I really like the Folk.menswear label and have been in their brick lane shop before to check it out.
I am loving their chunky knitwear and if I had lots of money I would definitely be buying some of my christmas presents there!

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