Extended Major Project

So the extedned major project has started and it is research time!
I know that my final outcome will consist of 6 menswear outfits for a capsule collection, and that i would like to keep my Major Project Preparation in mind when researching in regards to my style of design and colour ways.
What i have to consider next is whether i will be designing for A/W11 or S/S11, when this is decided the next step is to decide colour ways and think of fabric choice.
I love A/W and would like to design in accordance to this season, however, being a colder season means heavier fabrics and more layers, equalling more garments to make! So i must seriously consider first of all my time management and whether i think this would be too much to take on board.

To start my inspiration ideas flowing i thought it would be a good idea to get pen to paper and get drawing.
I took a few books out from the library but I especially enjoyed the story and costumes in The Wind in The Willows.

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