Tutorial with Josh

I had my second tutorial today, and after the first one where i left still feeling a bit lost, i feel like i have turned a corner and i feel inspired!

I always knew since MPP that i wanted to make capes, i just had to figure out a theme and a solid reason as to how i get to the designing point; a reason behind my research. I do tend to work backwards!

After drawing the pictures from Wind in the Willows, which i didn't want to over-do, as my aim was to use this as a tool of inspiration, not to base my project on, i had to think of something to encorporate it with.

I like the traditional classic British style of menswear with soft tailoring and heavy weight A/W fabrics. I just needed to put my unique twist on it and to make me more contemporary.
After explaining my concept vaguely of what i wanted to Josh (one of my tutors) we came to the conclusion of mixing it up with military/utility wear taking aspects of the many details involved in the making up of these garments.

I also like the idea of detachable clothing and hidden aspects to garments.
More to come when i have looked more into my new books from the library on army uniforms and such...

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