My midway stage review is creeping upon me very quickly....i have my one on wednesday which means i have a lot to do for my toiles if i am supposed to show 6 outfits!

I had a tutorial with Chris Kelly today (Theatredelamode) who gave me some helpful advice to do with fastenings and pockets and fabrication.
Bearing in mind that "men like functionality", I am carefully considering my pockets and pocket bags and the placement of these along with the fastening of trousers etc.

He suggested that I get all my trouser paper patterns completed and made up by wednesday with an indication of fabric and colour for my I have a lot to do!
Also recomended that I grab a boy and don't let him go away all day so I can get an idea how my clothes hang on the body as opposed to a mannequin which really helped.

He tried on my cape and as soon as it was on him it came to life and was much easier to tell what I liked about it and what I wanted to change.

Here are some toiles so far..

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