Man Appeal

Now I am in third year, I have taken a completely different route and I am doing menswear. I love it.
Here is how I started off my research..
The picture below is my dad when he was younger with his grandpa Guss! I think this picture is really sweet and although i'm not that keen on the high waisted trousers, I think it captures the element of style from the time.

He's wearing some lovely fabric mixtures and to top it all off he is even wearing a cravat.

The two below images are Paul Smith. I really like his style, i think he designs for real gentlemen which are the kind of men i want to design for.

The below 2 images are Etro spring 2010. There is really nice detail in these outfits.
I'm hoping to join the milinery course when it gets set up and make a hat..pork pie style! I am also working on making my collection of cravats. Men's accessories can make or break an outfit.

The two images below are Dries Van Noten Spring 2010. Another designer with good details. The wide shorter lapels, double breasted jacket looks really nice with the simple pocket detail finish.

These two Hermes Spring 2010 outfits also show attention to detail.

Layering and mixing colours brings this outfit together

I love this Hermes model...I wish I knew his name so I could look at more pictures!

Here is my first idea for printing. To bring detail to my garments I am thinking of using screen printing and dyeing, so I started off with drawing a paisley pattern. I need to keep drawing though to get some more ideas!

Experimenting with dye. Unfortunately, the shirts I bought were synthetic so it was more of a challenge to get the dyes to take to the fabric. I will have to remember to check the fabric labels next time I get one. Here are the dyeing insructions I followed:

The powder from the dyes must have escaped a bit on to the table which is where these mysterious marks came from.

I wasn’t happy with the colour of the one below so I thought I'd strip it half way down to give a new effect. It was supposed to be Coffee coloured not purple/pink!

I like the gold screen prints on the purple shirts a lot better than black on light blue. I think it looks more masculine and sophisticated. However, I don't think they are very appealing to wear like this, partly due to the size of the print. I am thinking about only printing in small areas such as the pocket, button stands, cuffs etc, if I carry on with printing at all. Although it is a good method, I'm not really sure it is in fitting with my style or the type of man I am designing for.

These are the cravats I have started making. I have been buying garments from charity shops and taking them apart to bring in a vintage element and I took the pattern from a cravat I found in the vintage shop I work at.

I am also working on making myself appealing as a brand, so I need to think about what would sell. To start off with branding myself I am going to work on a few designs for logos's or motifs. I would like to use this as either an embroidered or stitched on design that will feature in all my garments.
I was thinking of doing a type of animal design, however this is quite current at the moment so I am going to search further into what I think would appeal to men. Examples being, airoplanes, army tanks, guns, formula1 cars, coats of armour, exhaust pipes.
To bring in some photoshop skills I think I will try and arrange these images into patterns until I feel I have come up with a good enough one.

Style spotting -
Fletch wearing a clean white shirt only buttoned up at the top almost replicating a cape. Also wearing one of my cravats made from a recycled pleated skirt.

On a night out.
I like Jonnys blazer. His buttons match his lining.

Dan is wearing one of my cravats made from some scrap fabric. He has a lovely style which I feel the camera doesn't fully catch.I don't think as still images, any of these photos capture the true style of someone.. I think I will start a few moving images clips.

Boys at work... pictured in their fine art studio. Wearing comfortable but still cool clothes.

I always see this guy round uni and I love his style. His beard and hair really suit him and his combination of layering colours and accessories looks so good.

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