Work Experience

This summer I did 6 weeks of work experience at Jonanthan Saunders as a 'runner'.
Even though the runner position is at the bottom of the pile, it was still hard work! As there were lots of interns at the studio, I had many errands to run so I had to spend a LOT of time on the hot and stuffy tube. That part wasn't fun. However I did get to go to some lovely fabric shops which i will be remembering!
I also spent a lot of time going to the press office and back taking and collecting samples to be shipped off to New York/Paris.

Here are some of the many rolls of fabric i had to check

When I wasn't running errands I was in the studio doing lots of pattern cutting, hemming dresses, pressing and steaming the clothes and I even got to use my photoshop skills (which were poor to start with but got better) on designing t-shirts/vests/scarves. I also had to check rolls and rolls of fabric before they went into production to make sure they were picture perfect.

With the images Jonathan had printed out as inspiration for his next collection, I was asked to create a moodboard on the wall arranging them how I wanted.

These were some rails of clothes kept in the basement where all the archive boxes of past collections were kept. I was asked to find a home for these clothes by looking through all the old Lookbooks and seeing in which season they belonged.

Stitching the labels into the clothes...

One of the many dresses I hemmed..

The cutting room..

One of the fabric factories I visited..

Here are some of the designs for the resort '10 collection I worked on.

In my first week at Jonathan Saunders I was asked to create the lookbook in an email-able format, so I chose to do it on InDesign and create a layout which had to all fit on one side of A4. I had to make all the models the same size to start with, then make sure each image had the same dimensions so they would all equally fit in to the area.

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